Comprehensive exception reporting and analysis system.

What's Stackly?

Stackly is a real-time exception reporter that helps developers track, prioritize, analyze, and fix stability issues to improve the App quality. It brings you a relaxing way for App troubleshooting.

When an App has problem

Traditional Solution

  • User feedback
  • Test & Duplicate
  • Grab log
High Cost / Inefficient

Stackly Solution

  • Integrated Stackly SDK
  • Developer Center
  • Analysis Reports
Low Cost / High accuracy / High efficiency

Progress of Stackly

Step 01

Integrate our Stackly SDK in the third-party applications.

Step 02

View exceptions and assign to related developers in PAXSTORE Developer Center.

Step 03

View stack trace and exception analysis reports to fix crash/ANR issue.

Why Stackly?

Accurate Positioning
Stackly can pinpoint crash, unresponsiveness, and other issues with third-party apps, and developers can deal with them directly based on the stack information presented by Stackly.
Real-Time & More Efficient
Comprehensive Analysis
Low Cost
Flexible handling

Learn more about Stackly

The current service is a charged service and independent of PAXSTORE. Currently, it is in a free trial period, welcome to subscribe and use the service. For detailed charging information, please contact