Smart adapter for all legacy devices

What's SmartLanding?

SmartLanding enables traditional terminals to seamlessly connect with PAXSTORE cloud service platform, manage them like smart terminals, and benefit from platform services.

How does SmartLanding Work?

The Advantages of SmartLanding
Horizontal expansion (high load)
Real-time high efficiency (low delay)
Use cache to reduce server load

What can SmartLanding do?

Via SmartLanding traditional terminals can benefit from cloud platform service.
Application Management
Pushing Application
Apps Releasing and Subscription
Apps Installation & Uninstallation
Terminal Management
Organization Management
TID Activation
Firmware Installation

Why SmartLanding?

Reduction of Cost
No need to set up a private traditional terminal management platform, the terminal can be quickly integrated into the PAXSTORE cloud service platform. Enhance terminal self-management capability, improve management efficiency and reduce cellular data consumption.
Unified Management
Achieve the traditional and intelligent terminal using the same platform, the same mechanism of management model. Compatible with non-PAX manufacturer machines to achieve greater unity.
Security & Reliability
All communication between terminal and platform is encrypted based on SSL.
Real-Time & High Efficiency
The notification mechanism of PAXSTORE enables the terminal task to be processed in time, and the terminal can acquire the push task almost in real-time.
Application with standardized management, compatible with offline tools. All terminals use the same standardized communication protocol and processing mechanism.

Learn more about SmartLanding

The current service is a charged service and independent of PAXSTORE. Currently, it is in a free trial period, welcome to subscribe and use the service. For detailed charging information, please contact