Advanced terminal management platform

Your Own Brand Marketplace

You can have your own independent marketplace in minutes. Full lifecycle POS apps management functionalities are ready for your using. You can create an out-of-the-box tailored apps solution based on the category of merchant and specific needs they require.

Advanced Terminal Management Center

As the owner of a smart POS terminal, or if are an organization that manages a large number of such devices, you will have full management and monitoring capabilities and can perform real-time operations for the deployed terminals through PAXSTORE.

Powerful Payment Industry Service Hub

Rich payment industry value-added services, so that you can easily manage your terminals, apps and merchants. Business Intelligent will be your close assistant to do business strategy.

We do more, you can do less

You will be surprised to find that we have some features that will give you a novel and simple experience when managing your terminal, greatly reducing your human resources and hardware costs.

  • Cloud Based Deployment

    One account can have all the features of the platform, reducing the local deployment and Hardware Cost

  • API Integration Suite

    Standard Integration Suite is ready to integrate with your system, making the synchronization automatic.

  • Multi Brands Devices Support

    Device integration standards allow connecting all your devices to one platform become possible.

  • High Concurrency for Binary Update

    High concurrency allow all terminals can get any updates immediately, avoiding a long wait.

The Efficient Tool

Terminals and applications benefit from simple, efficient and reliable value-added services. Improve the efficiency of the entire terminal management

Remote Assistance

Let the service always be on call. Remote problem solving is as efficient as having devices around you.

Remote Key Injection

Ready for using remote key injection service channel, making the service more fluent than ever before.

Business Insight

A wide range of intelligence reports will give you the access to key insights and trends

Digital Receipt Repository

Help acquirer collecting non sensitive data to provide differentiation through payments services.