Advanced big data analysis & business intelligence platform.

What's GoInsight?

GoInsight is a one-stop big data analytics platform for all types of organizations, devices, and transactions. It enables enterprises to build data applications efficiently and economically. Its combination of platform flexibility, ease of operation and rich feature set help enterprises to implement data-driven policies, boost business growth and improve operational performance.

Comprehensive business analysis

GoInsight supports a variety of data sources: data from the PAXSTORE platform, from value-added services and custom third-party applications. You can integrate business data, carry out comprehensive analyses and synchronous data from numerous sources, staying in touch with trends in your business.

Easy data analysis

You can perform a multidimensional analysis of data without any pre-processing. You can get business insights through data with a simple drag and drop, allowing you to visualize data in a minute.

Simple and impressive data display

Display graphical data on a big screen. Facilitate data sharing and business discussions at a conference. Share trends in your business. Export professional and up-to-date reports with a single click.

What does GoInsight do?

GoInsight obtains and processes high-volume, real-time, multi-source data. Through our developing tool suite, we provide a fast and flexible means for channel partners and clients to implement data integration projects. Our professional service teams are available to advise you at any time.

For customers to reap the benefits immediately, GoInsight offers a modern dashboard with pre-built PAXSTORE product analytics. Through it, users can visualize data and interact with multiple metrics that supplement PAXSTORE’s embedded reporting and query functions.

As we develop & release more metrics for PAXSTORE and related value-added service products, we will be integrating and embedding them within GoInsight. Tools for customized data integration will also be gradually made available so that you can gain deeper business-specific

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The current service is a charged service and independent of PAXSTORE. Currently, it is in a free trial period, welcome to subscribe and use the service. For detailed charging information, please contact