Professional online scanning service of application security.

What's AppScan?

AppScan is a professional online application security scanning service that helps developers find application risks and provides a reference for the administrators when approving applications, and enhances the security of the platform.

App Security Support

Before new applications are available in the marketplace, administrators can scan them to secure the platform.

How does AppScan work?

Provide reference for administrators approving applications

Step 01

Developers upload applications

Step 02

Administrators initiate application scan task manually

Step 03

The scanning engine scans the application in the back-end according to defined rules

Step 04

After the scan is completed, the administrator can login to the platform to view the scan results.

* AppScan service only supports code scanning, and the virus scanning is not supported temporarily

Why AppScan?

Application Assurance
AppScan provides the reference for administrators to approval applications, improve the security of the platform.
Seamless Integration
Process Independence
Broad Coverage
Fast Scanning

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The current service is a charged service and independent of PAXSTORE. Currently, it is in a free trial period, welcome to subscribe and use the service. For detailed charging information, please contact