Professional remote assistance of terminal devices.

What's AirViewer?

AirViewer is a remote assistance tool provided by PAX. With AirViewer you can control POS terminals from the PAXSTORE cloud platform at any time. It’s a powerful tool to improve merchant support while dramatically reducing your costs.

When a merchant has a problem

Traditional Solution

  • Phone/Email
  • Photo/Video
  • Go to customer location
  • Return terminal
High Cost / Inefficient

AirViewer Solution

  • Remote viewing of terminal desktop
  • Remote operation of terminal desktop
  • Online terminal file management
Low Cost / High efficiency / Real-Time

Real-time Support

When a customer’s terminal has emergency issues, the administrator can support immediately by using AirViewer. This makes 24x7 customer service support possible.

Step 01

The merchant requests assistance.

Step 02

The support operator starts a remote request from PAXSTORE

Step 03

The merchants accept the remote view/control request (unattended mode does not require merchant confirmation);

Step 04

The PAXSTORE operator can now perform remote viewing and/or control of the device.

Why AirViewer?

Completely Secure
AirViewer provides the highest level of security, all connections are going through the SSL-encrypted channel which is completely secure.
Seamless Integration
Real-Time & More Efficient
Extremely Low Cost
Multi-regional Data Centers

Learn more about AirViewer

The current service is a charged service and independent of PAXSTORE. Currently, it is in a free trial period, welcome to subscribe and use the service. For detailed charging information, please contact