Customize Your own Launcher in 5 Minutes Without Coding

AirLauncher is a highly configurable Android launcher which helps better manage PAX SmartPOS terminals in areas such as system setting, user authority, and user interface. AirLauncher delivers a brand-new look to SmartPOS terminals and offers a simple, elegant user-friendly experience.

Stay focused, not distracted

Restrict system settings of a large number of terminals.

Inclusive for all PAX SmartPOS

Support a wide range of Android Versions include Android 5.1/7.1/8.1/10.

Traditional Launcher
  • Almost same with mobile phone
  • Android original UI style
  • Different System versions with different launchers
  • Not support unattended services
  • All system settings can be modified by all users
Original / Inefficient
  • Design for payment Scenario
  • Customize your own brand UI style
  • Different system versions with the same Launcher
  • Kiosk mode design for unattended services
  • PSP can define the rule of using system settings
Customization / High efficient

Ready to get started with AirLauncher?

AirLauncher is a charged service and is independent of PAXSTORE. You are welcome to subscribe and use the service. For detailed charging information, please contact